Case Study: Expanding Availability of Healthcare Services

Alcance, Sanofi


Brazil is an out-of- pocket market and patients often have to cover their own treatment expenses Therefore, access to medicines is directly tied to purchasing power. The Alcance program was developed through collaboration between Sanofi and a chain of accredited pharmacies and other companies, which offer special conditions for a broad range of products and services. It aims to provide educational services and expand access to diabetes treatment primarily for the middle/low tier of patients.

Lessons Learned

Sanofi managed to offer an integrated solution without which the patients’ needs cannot be addressed. Patients require more than just insulin; their medical expenses may also include monitoring devices, strips, needles, anti-diabetic oral drugs and other medicines to control cholesterol and hypertension. A one-off discount on our products does not increase patients’ access, as the total cost of diabetes treatment would still remain too high to bear individually. To meet this challenge, Alcance addresses the full range of products and services for diabetes therapy.

Results to Date

  • This program was launched nationwide in November 2010 and currently has more than 14,500 active patients enrolled.
  • More than 700 additional patients per month with low drop-out rate
  • From 2,437 patients in January 2011 to 14,500 in May 2013

Much more than a tiered pricing program, Alcance illustrates the importance of taking into account the full treatment environment and establishing solid relationships with multiple stakeholders to help provide sustainable and long-term access to healthcare for patients.