Case Study: Developing Health Systems Resources

Changing Diabetes in Children, Novo Nordisk


The Changing Diabetes® in Children programme is working in partnership to establish clinics where children with diabetes can be diagnosed and receive specialised care.

The programme trains healthcare professionals about diagnosis and treatment, and educates patients and families about the life of a child with diabetes.

To overcome financial hurdles, the programme entails the free provision of insulin and blood glucose measuring equipment for the children, for the duration of the programme.

Lessons Learned

Due to the complexity of diabetes in children, a coordinated approach that targets all barriers to care is required to address the problem. For this reason the Changing Diabetes® in Children programme is implemented in collaboration with both international and local partners, each contributing with specialised competencies.

Results to Date

One year a head of time, the programme has reached the milestone of having over 10,000 children with type 1 diabetes enrolled in the programme. In addition, 77 clinics have been established and 2,700 healthcare professionals have been trained in diabetes care.

Going forward, Novo Nordisk will focus on making the programme run sustainably by preparing the local partners to take over the programme, so the children can continue to get the treatment they need.

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