Case Study: Collaboration

Diabetes in School Programme (Turkey), Sanofi


There are around 15,000 to 20,000 diabetic juveniles in Turkey, and 1700 new children are diagnosed each year. In order to address this issue, the “Diabetes in School Program,” was initiated in 2010, out of a joint collaboration between the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of National Education and the Pediatric Endocrinology, Diabetes Association, the Foundation of childhood endocrinology and diabetes, the child and adolescent diabetics association, Diabturk and ""Diabetes my Friend"" platform.

The main objective of this project is to raise awareness on type 1 diabetes and children obesity, enhance type 1 diabetes early diagnosis improve children diabetes management at school and develop a habit of healthy nutrition among school-aged children. It aims at creating a strong collaboration with teachers to make them “champions “in the management of Type 1 diabetes in school, also avoiding the stigmatization of the diabetic children.

Lessons Learned

The collaboration between the various actors has been really effective and a key factor to the success to the project. The message that juveniles are also susceptible to diabetes has been persuasively conveyed to teachers, students, and the public. The Ministry of National Education, teachers and school officials have been made aware of the problems diabetic children face. Pediatric endocrinologists’ messages about obesity and healthy diet have been conveyed to teachers and students. The program was initiated by a launch meeting and local meetings with school teachers (face-to-face meetings in every region). It is now spread through various materials such as CDs, and online training provided by the Ministry of Education and association websites.

The Diabetes in school program has been a great success and its scope has continuously increased both geographically and in terms of targets.

Results to Date

Since 2010:

  • Trainings have been held in 24.904 schools in Turkey.
  • 7.508.619 children of 17.500.000, 585.710 teachers of 750.000 and 561.807 parents participated to the trainings.
  • 1000 Healthcare professionals trained face to face
  • An estimated 45 M viewers were reached through media activities

In 2012, there were 142 applications submitted to the ""teachers making a difference"" award. 8 teachers were awarded.

The program has been of great help regarding prevention and awareness, reinforced by a permanent educational resource on diabetes and obesity created for teachers and students (

Besides, collaboration has been reinforced. A strong basis of cooperation and interaction was developed between the Ministry of National Education and the Ministry of Health. The public and those concerned saw that the “Pediatric Endocrinology and Diabetes Association” is engaged with every facet of juvenile diabetes and obesity.

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