Case Study: Expanding Availability of Healthcare Services

Differential Pricing to Address Affordability in Egypt, Roche


Egypt has one of the highest burdens of hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection in the world. Affordability of treatment is a significant problem. In 2007, Roche partnered with the government to establish a national project for treating chronic hepatitis C. Part of the project included introducing Pegferon, a second brand of our hepatitis treatment, Pegasys, which is the same medicine but is packaged locally, using local manufacturers. This approach allowed us to introduce differential pricing within Egypt, with Pegferon available to the government at a significantly reduced price.

We complement this offer with products for diagnosis and treatment monitoring, helping to maximize medical services and patient benefits.

Lessons Learned?

Introduction of a second brand has enabled us to offer differential pricing to governments to help them provide public reimbursement, with minimal diversion to other markets.

By working with governments, local manufacturers, and distributors, we can share our manufacturing techniques and supply chain management practices through skills training and technology transfer. This way of working helps build or expand local infrastructure, increases expertise, provides employment, and strengthens relationships with key stakeholders.

This pilot has become a model that we are introducing in other countries and disease areas where permitted by local regulatory and legal requirements.

Results to Date?

The second brand, Pegferon, has increased access to treatment all over the country. Since the project launched in 2007, more than 160,000 patients have been treated with it who otherwise may not have received treatment.

Use of Pegferon has also increased confidence in Pegasys, leading to its increased usage in the private-payer market.

Additionally, this work helped strengthen our relationship with the Ministry of Health, and with both public and medical societies.

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