Case Study: Developing Health Systems Resources

Jian Kang Kuai Che (“Health Express”), Novartis International AG


In China, millions of people live in sparsely populated rural areas, creating immense challenges including disparities in access and quality of care. Novartis works to promote health in China’s remote Xinjiang province through community and physician education, developing the capacity of local health workers and the province's healthcare system.

Lessons Learned

As part of “Health Express,” Novartis trains local health educators, who address students at rural schools – the most effective channel for community education. They cover basic health topics like hygene, smoking and basic prevention. School children bring their healthcare knowledge back to their families. Public-private partnerships like Health Express allow us to work with local governments and deliver sustainable healthcare solutions to communities where resources and infrastructure are limited.

Results to Date

  • 24 full-time health instructors from Novartis have helped educate more than 690,000 students and 33,000 adults on health and hygiene in just over two years
  • Novartis has trained more than 800 doctors, nurses and medical workers on infectious diseases since 2010

Many physicians from rural hospitals were not equipped with the training to treat diseases prevalent in the region, including viral hepatitis. Patients with these conditions had to travel long distances to be diagnosed and treated at a city hospital, with others unable to make the journey at all. Trained physicians can now able to treat hepatitis locally and improve patient outcomes significantly.

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