Case Study: Developing Health Systems Resources

Melanoma Exposed™. Screen. Protect. Know. Tell., Bristol-Myers Squibb


Melanoma Exposed is a public awareness campaign designed to educate Americans about melanoma and its risk factors and encourage them to take a more active role in their skin health. With a simple yet strong message, "Screen. Protect. Know. Tell.", people are encouraged to learn about melanoma—the deadliest form of skin cancer—and protect themselves and their loved ones against the disease through routine skin cancer screenings with a dermatologist and regular skin self-exams. To help encourage education and early detection, the campaign offers free skin cancer screenings at events throughout the year and provides important information about the disease through an interactive website, public service announcements and earned media coverage. These initiatives progress the Health System Resources principle by supporting education, awareness and early detection of melanoma.

Lessons Learned

As men are nearly twice as likely to die from melanoma as women, the campaign has largely focused on reaching men where they are and where they seek information. Unique sports-focused partnerships and events have allowed us to reach both men and women with the campaign's important health messages. Melanoma Exposed is also supported by melanoma and skin cancer advocacy groups that have provided valuable insights, which have helped to inform the direction and success of the campaign. Now in its second year, we continue to explore additional ways to extend the reach and impact of this important initiative.

Results to Date

In its first year (2012), Melanoma Exposed achieved success, incuding raising greater awareness of melanoma and conducting free skin cancer screenings around the country.

Screened nearly 2,000 people nationwide

Nearly 2,000 skin cancer screenings were conducted in 2012 as part of the Melanoma Exposed campaign. Through eight separate events held at sporting events throughout the year, we were able to educate attendees about melanoma and its risk factors, and encourage them to get screened.

Increased melanoma knowledge among event attendees

After attending a Melanoma Exposed screening event, 81% of people reported being more knowledgeable about melanoma, an increase from only 22% before attending.

Encouraged greater awareness of melanoma through variety of channels

We were able to reach millions of people nationwide with information about melanoma and the importance of early detection through a unique multi-media communications effort.

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