Case Study: Collaboration

Power of One with Malaria No More, Novartis


In 2013 Novartis, together with the global charity Malaria No More and other partners, launched a new campaign to engage the general public in fighting malaria and contributing to closing the treatment gap in Africa, estimated at more than 300 million treatments between now and the end of 2015. The campaign, called Power of One, builds on the fact that US$1 can buy and deliver a treatment to a child with malaria in Africa. The Power of One website is designed to make it easy to donate and use social media to encourage colleagues and friends to get involved.

As the exclusive treatment sponsor, through 2015, Novartis will match up to 3 million pediatric antimalarial treatments funded by employees and the public, doubling the impact of these donations. Closing a gap of 3 million pediatric treatments in Zambia is the initial focus of the Power of One campaign.

Lessons Learned?

  • Combining the broadcasting muscle of a global charity with the world’s leading media companies and the know-how of the healthcare industry helps achieve much wider outreach and impact.
  • Using social media tools to raise funds allows the campaign to reach very broad audiences in a short time span; between September and December 2013, the campaign raised US$1 million.
  • Establishing an emotional connection between the donation and its impact on the ground makes the campaign more attractive to younger generation donors. Using videos to show stories of children with malaria and healthcare workers on the ground has been effective in helping make this connection.

Results to date?

  • Within three months after the campaign was launched, 1 million pediatric treatments had been funded by the public.
  • By April 2014, 2 million treatments have reached Zambia, the first beneficiary country of the campaign, with 1 million treatments funded by the public and 1 million matched by Novartis.

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