Case Study: Expanding Availability of Healthcare Services

StarBem, Sanofi


In 2013, Sanofi launched StarBem in Brazil to support patients in the treatment of diabetes. Built on five pillars—information, education, support, access, and solutions—this integrated service platform brings together all our company’s initiatives for people with diabetes. It provides a wide range of services that go beyond access to products:

  • educational visits by instructors;
  • two dedicated call centers, with access to a trained health attendant team: one for patient enrollment and the other for product support and treatment;
  • a network of accredited pharmacies; and
  • a tiered-pricing program with possible treatment discounts.

In addition, information is available via a dedicated website ( and social media (Facebook fan page), which facilitates support groups and discussions for people with diabetes.

Lessons Learned?

StarBem is a new service platform in Brazil connecting several existing diabetes initiatives. It illustrates what we mean by integrated patient care: providing visits from educators, assistance for insulin use and self-monitoring, information and support from dedicated call centers, a pharmacy network, and more. It exemplifies our innovative approach to integrated patient care programs.

Results to Date?

By late 2013:

  • More than 40,000 patients had benefited from the overall program.
  • More than 18,000 patients had benefited from the tier-pricing program.
  • More than 1,350 points of sale were involved in the program.
  • The call centers were responding to an average of 12,000 calls each month.

The project has everything necessary to make it an extension channel of the diabetes patient’s quality of life, strengthen the doctor-patient relationship, and at the same time, enable a favorable scenario for all Sanofi diabetes products.

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