Case Study: Developing Health Systems Resources

Takeda Initiative, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited


African countries, in particular, suffer from very severe shortages of healthcare workers, which hinders their efforts to deliver the healthcare services needed to overcome such diseases. Accordingly, Takeda has decided to contribute to Global Fund–supported programs aimed at enhancing healthcare systems in African nations, primarily through the development and up skilling of healthcare personnel.

Lessons Learned

Takeda has learned the importance of 1) strong governance of partner organization and 2) holistic assistance to diverse healthcare personnel including doctors, local healthcare NGOs and village leaders.

Results to Date

Main financial supporters to the Global Fund used be national government and private foundation such as MGF. In March 2010, Takeda became the second private company to support the Global Fund followed by Shevron. After Takeda, AngloAmerican also followed to support the Global Fund in Nov. 2010.

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